Irving’s Environmental Crimes

In 2016, the Irving Pulp and Paper company was charged with several violations of the Canadian Fisheries Act. As their trial approaches, the history of Irving’s interactions with the government and the public in regards to their environmental impact are being brought into question; most notably concerning their actions over the past two years. Due …

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Fraud at Hollinger International

In 2007, the case of Conrad Black vs. the United States came to a close, finding Black expressionless as he was pronounced guilty of three counts of mail and wire fraud and one count of obstruction of justice (CBC News, 2007.). He was convicted for his part in embezzling what amounted to an estimated 6.1 million …

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Canada Decriminalizing Corporate Crime

The Federal government plans to introduce DPAs (deferred prosecution agreements) when dealing with corporate crimes. This would allow corporations to agree to paying fines and changing their actions rather than facing a trail and possible jail sentence. By doing so the government would save on costly trials, and could focus their resources on other wrongdoers. …

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Former Amaya CEO charged with insider trading in Quebec

David Baazov the Montreal internet gambling entrepreneur was charged with insider trading in March of 2016. The AMF (Autorite des marches financiers) alleged that Mr. Baazov and two of his associates attempted to pump up the price of Amaya stock in the lead-up of the PokerStars takeover of the company. A quote from the article …

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Canada Became an Offshore Place for “Snow Washing”

Canada has blurred jurisdictions around corporations privacy which allows the companies owners to be anonymous. When the people who run the company are anonymous it makes it easier for these corporations to engage in corporate crime like tax invasion and money laundering.

Lost Deposit Issues in Canadian Banks

The following article from CBC explains how Canadians are discovering that their banks have lost their deposits. Banks are able to "disclaim liability" for the loss of their customers' money in every province but Quebec. Because of this, banks are claiming they have no responsibility over the losses. Customers are able to file a complaint …

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Deloitte Insurance Company Owing 40 Million Due to Failing to Detect White Collar Crime

The accounting company Deloitte must pay forty million dollars to a play write Livint who wrote plays such as Phantom of the Opera and sued Deloitte in 2013. The court concluded that Deloitte was in the wrong and owed Livint for the losses that occurred thank to Deloitte’s professional mistakes.